Electronic Part

The electronic part controls all mechanical components and communicates with the software of the data logger. Most of the individual electronic components used for Spiritum can be purchased inexpensively.

The electronic mounting plate integrated

Three identical sensors (SFM3300-250-D from Sensirion Inc.) are used:

  • In the blower branch (Fblower),
  • in the O2 branch (FO2) and
  • in the expiration branch (Fexp).

Plug-in module with electronic components

Here we use type CF sensors XGZP6847 (0-40kPa) with digital interface (I²C).
A safety relief valve (APL-valve) is installed before the outlet in the inspiration branch.
The oxygen content of the ventilation air is measured after the ambient air and O2 have been combined with a combined O2-humidity sensor (NRC International GmbH oxygen sensor D01-N).

Pressure measurements are taken:

  • between blower and V.insp (pblower)
  • in the inspiration branch (pinsp)
  • in the expiration branch before V.exp.